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This Is Personal

When Mark Freeman's close friend was falsely accused of shaking his child and jailed in 2008, Mark Freeman plunged into the world of shaken baby syndrome.

Mark Freeman

Mark Freeman believes his clients are innocent and makes every effort to clear their names.

Mark Freeman has spent thousands of hours diving deep into the science and the law of shaken baby syndrome, abusive head trauma, and child abuse. Mark Freeman works closely with leading physicians, researchers, and legal peers to build the best case for the innocence of each of his clients. Don't rely on just any defense attorney. Get an attorney that believes in your innocence and has the knowledge and experience of clearing the names of the falsely accused. Call Mark Freeman today.

Extensive Experience,
Repeated Success

Mark Freeman has a wide range of experience and repeated success in defending false child abuse charges.

Criminal Charges

Mark Freeman has extensive experience clearing the names of his clients and acquitting them of criminal charges.

Get Your
Child Back

If your child has been taken away from you Mark Freeman can help you get back full custody of your child.

Child Registry

After being acquitted Mark Freeman can help you expunge your name from the child abuse registry.

Assist Your
Lead Attorney

Attorneys across the country have relied on Mark Freeman's expertise to help them build a case for their clients.

Pursue Civil

If you were wrongly jailed or wrongly lost custody of your child you may be entitled to civil damages.

Pseudo Science,
False Accusations

The science behind shaken baby syndrome has proven to be shaky at best and absolutely false at worst. In many cases there are other explanations for the child's symptoms that are never even considered by the doctors.

Subdural & Retinal

Proponents of shaken baby syndrome say that bleeding outside of the brain and behind the eyes are clear signs of child abuse. The latest science suggests in many cases there's other explanations.

Brain & Head

Shaking a child, it was hypothesized, would create a certain pattern of brain injury. Autopsy studies have overturned this hypothesis, among others.


Child abuse "experts" will in many cases say fractures found on x-rays must point to child abuse, but may overlook metabolic causes of such fractures.

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